the page automatically display a number inside a div called wpb_wrapper, when I use a custom shortcode. but its nowhere in my function. When I delete the shortcode the number goes away.

<div class="wpb_text_column wpb_content_element " >
    <div class="wpb_wrapper">


Any clues?

Is a custom Shortcode to display a grid of post, it contains PHP code, HTML tags and CSS.

function millennium_grid(){
   return include("mg-custom-grid.php");

add_shortcode('millennium', 'millennium_grid');
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    Which shortcode / plugin you are referring to? Can you be more specific? – huraji Nov 21 '18 at 15:23

You can't return an include like that. A successful include() itself returns 1, and since you're returning the return value of include, your shortcode is displaying "1".

Handling Returns: include returns FALSE on failure and raises a warning. Successful includes, unless overridden by the included file, return 1.


If you want to output a template or similar file from shortcode, you need to capture it with output buffering:

function millennium_grid() {

    include 'mg-custom-grid.php';

    return ob_get_clean();
add_shortcode( 'millennium', 'millennium_grid' );

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