I have created a WordPress site with WPML and Events Manager together. I want to create events in a language and then translate it to my second one. That's easy but I can't seem to find where I change the event location name, address, time aso after I have duplicated an event with WPML. And it is quite important for me to change the location/place name of an event because it spells differently in the two languages that I want to display on my site.

How can I make it possible for me to edit the location name after I have duplicated and begun translating an event with WPML?

  • WPML has an english support forum, you'll have much better luck of finding an answer to such a specific question there – kero Nov 20 '18 at 13:50

I found out how I should do it. Just go over to places in the Events Manager settings panel, duplicate & translate the place, then change the place title.

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