On the edit-tags.php admin page for a custom taxonomy which is registered to multiple custom post types the count link's count is updated correctly however the link doesn't go to an admin page that lists off all the posts (from multiple post types) that are tagged with that custom taxonomy term. Is there a way to fix this?

The link for "14" is the link in question

The link "14" is the link in question. It goes to edit.php?customtaxonomyslug=customtaxonomytermslug&post_type=just1cptslug where customtaxonomyslug is the slug of the custom taxonomy, customtaxonomytermslug is the slug of the custom taxonomy term, and just1cptslug is the custom post type slug of one of the CPTs that the custom taxonomy is registered to.

I'm also unsure of a url on the admin side that would even show all the posts from all the custom post types tagged with a given custom taxonomy term or if that's even something supported by WP by default.


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