I am trying to set background image out of feature image so I used the background-size:cover. Here is the code I have done but how can I add feature image into <div class="bg-img" style="background:...">. How can I achieve background image technique.

if ( $post->post_parent )
    $post_id = $post->post_parent;
    $post_id = $post->ID;

if ( $thumbnail = get_the_post_thumbnail( $post_id, 'post-thumbnail' ) ) {
    echo $thumbnail;
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    You can use get_the_post_thumbnail_url() for get image url and put into <div class="bg-img" style="background:PHP VARIABLE HERE"> – Pratik Patel Nov 15 '18 at 6:24

please use this code

<?php $backgroundImg = wp_get_attachment_image_src( 
   get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID), 'full' );?>

 <div class="header-wrap" style="background: url('<?php echo $backgroundImg[0]; ?>') no-repeat;">

 <header class="entry-header">

 <h1 class="entry-title">
 <?php the_title(); ?>


  • How can you make the image appear for the parent and automatically apply to children like the code I pasted? – William Jerome Nov 16 '18 at 5:14

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