I am trying to achieve result by selecting dropdown between two amount range.

echo '<option value="browse-events?city='.$browse_city.'&type='.$browse_type.'&price=Free">Free</option>';
echo '<option value="browse-events?city='.$browse_city.'&type='.$browse_type.'&price='.urlencode("0 AND 100").'">0 and 100</option>';
echo '<option value="browse-events?city='.$browse_city.'&type='.$browse_type.'&price='.urlencode("101 AND 500").'">101 and 500</option>';
echo '<option value="browse-events?city='.$browse_city.'&type='.$browse_type.'&price='.urlencode("500 AND 1000").'">500 and 1000</option>';
echo '<option value="browse-events?city='.$browse_city.'&type='.$browse_type.'&price='.urlencode("1000 AND 10000").'">1000 and 10000</option>';

some where i've following array in my code

$whereClause = array();

i am trying to make my select query to search between values

                    $whereClause[] = "event_amount like '%".urldecode($browse_price)."%'";

any idea?

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