A client of mine complains that text gets 'randomly highlighted' when he is writing Wordpress posts on his iPad Pro. He uses the web interface. I got him to stop deleting the 'highlighted' text and let me see it, and found out that it was caused by text he had written being enclosed in <code> tags.

How has he managed to accidentally type <code> tags, do you think? He is not a technical user and is certainly not doing it on purpose. Additionally he must be using the 'visual' rather than the 'text' editing mode, otherwise he would see the <code> tag instead of the 'highlighting'. And adding a <code> tag isn't even an option in that editing mode, that I can see. Is there some clever shortcut for this that he is accidentally typing?

Failing this (and I really don't want to fail, ideally!!) is there some simple method I can teach him to clear all these tags?


Sounds like a copy and paste issue.

Anyway, there is information on how to clean by allowing just certain tags in your written content in tinymce editor. https://jonathannicol.com/blog/2015/02/19/clean-pasted-text-in-wordpress/

So if you go to disallow the code tag with this technique. You should be fine enough..

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'll ask, but I don't think my client uses copy/paste at all. Not kidding when I say he's 'not a technical user'!
    – retrocool
    Nov 12 '18 at 19:21
  • Nope, he doesn't use copy and paste. These <code> tags appear while he's typing.
    – retrocool
    Nov 14 '18 at 10:07
  • hmm.. maybe there is a custom TinyMCE shortcut, he is doing sometimes and accidentally adds code? (you already mentioned it in your question) like the default one [cmd + b] for bold. can just guess what caused it... Nov 14 '18 at 10:16

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