I actually have a WordPress/WooCommerce website and I'm going to create an app (with React Native) linked to the same website through the WP REST API and the WooCommerce API.

It's highly possible that the products for sale in the website could differ from the ones for sale in the app. In any case, I want my clients to find in the website (in their private account page) the orders made from the app, and viceversa. And then I want the admin users to manage all the orders, regardless of where they are made, from a single place.

How can I manage this situation? I thought to configure a multisite option, but I read that in this case not all the data would be shared between the two "branches". Furthermore, setting a multisite option, each site should be linked to a domain; how can I avoid one of the two domains to be public and viewable through the browser (and only accessible through the API)?

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