so first off, I am NOT an I.T. guy or a developer but a sales guy who happens to know how to get around with code a bit.

Backstory: our web developer added meta robots nofollow, noindex without telling us and had the balls to ask us if we've had any web visitors, knowing full well that he's after SEO money. I discovered this afterwards. However, I do not have admin privilege for a site that we run but our developer seems to have control. He basically wants more money and thinks we're stupid or something, so there's an ethical thing right there.

Our site: we are running Cherry with lazyload, and Motopress (which is useless because you CANNOT change these meta tags!).

The problem: how to remove these meta robots nofollow, no index tags because we WANT to be indexed!

The good news: our developer may not have given me admin privileges but I know FTP, so I am able to access the directories and know enough about how to change code to beat this guy.

After checking and researching, and reading simplistic answers about how this can be fixed ("it's in your header.php" was popular - no, it wasn't in there, and do you know how many header php files are in the directory? More than one!), I found an article that shows how to remove it!

The article is here:

The new problem to the solution: which functions.php to edit to insert the remarkable code snippet? Again, Wordpress is confusing because not only do they have Cherry Framework, but also the theme, and then twentyfourteen, twentyfifteen, twentysixteen and twentyseventeen, each of which as their own functions.php. I have no idea which one is our "active theme" directory (again, I am NOT a WP guy.)

I tried going on and it was kind of helpful, but doesn't say anything about this twentyseventeen theme.

How do I know which one to edit, or do I edit all? I assume that changing the code to "noindex" to remove the instances is really what I need.

Or is there something I can insert that will do both?

My big goal: I just need to figure out which directory in this mishmash represents the "current" theme.

Can someone please let me know, I will be most grateful.


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