I have added an action button to the orders page and I want it to open in a new window. This is my code:

 if ( $order->has_status( array( 'processing' ) ) ) {

        // Get Order ID (compatibility all WC versions)
        $order_id = method_exists( $order, 'get_id' ) ? $order->get_id() : $order->id;
        // Set the action button
        $actions['parcial'] = array(
        'url'       => wp_nonce_url( str_replace("https://","",plugins_url( 'generate_label.php', __FILE__ ) . '?text=' . $order_id), 'woocommerce-mark-order-status' ),
        'name'      => __( 'Print Labels', 'woocommerce' ),
        'target'    => '_blank',
        'action'    => "view parcial", // keep "view" class for a clean button CSS

What do I need to add in order to accomplish it?

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