There are a few websites that I stumble upon now and then that have animated intros like the one here: www.monotwo.com

How do I do that in WordPress?

And how would I integrate this into a customs theme?



You can try this.


or you can research follow these keywords to know more detail.

  • how to use CSS3 transitions
  • how to animate out a full-screen preloader
  • how to combine CSS3 with JavaScript for this technique

Monotwo uses SVG + JS for their animation, exported from Adobe CS (probably After Effects or Animate). See Creating a vector animation for the web in a post-Flash world for more info about this process.

You could also animate using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, Sketch, Hype - search for "vector animation" to find tools and techniques that fit you.

How do you do this in WordPress, and in a custom theme? Place your exported code in a static front page by using front-page.php.

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