I'm having a little problem figuring out how to execute shortcodes stored in a mail content option of a plugin.

The thing is, I have a field in my options page named '_message' that works with WYSIWYG Editor, and I want to save shortcodes there and then execute them before send the email.

There is some way of detect shortcodes in strings?. Ex:

$message = 'blablabla [sale_products] blablaba'; do_shortcode($message);

If you have another suggestion of how can this be done, that would be great!

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Have you tried

$message = apply_filters('the_content', $your_data);

I think this filter could handle the shortcode. (not tested)


While this is not very obvious, do_shortcode is usually applied as a filter on a function that generates a certain text. It is, for instance, defined as a standard filter on the_content like this:

add_filter ('the_content','do_shortcode');

So, the trick is to define it as a filter on get_option in your plugin. If you look at the source code of get_option you'll see that on the last line there is a filter applied, the name of which depends on the name of the option. Suppose the name of the option that stores the message is my_message You would have something like this:

add_filter ('option_my_message','do_shortcode');

That should mean that if you have $message = get_option('my_message') in your plugin, you would get it with shortcodes evaluated.

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