I'm using PSR-4 autoloading and namespacing for a new plugin. However, because my plugin is namespaced (and all it's classes are), I can't seem to extend a BuddyPress class (BP_Attachment) successfully as it doesn't want to pass the if ( class_exists( 'BP_Attachment', false ) ) check. I've tried to require it, "use" it, and more. Nothing works. Since BuddyPress doesn't use namespacing am I out of luck?


Try using if ( class_exists( '\BP_Attachment', false ) )?

Could be that you need to tell PHP that the class is in the global namespace

  • I tried this last night, but just to confirm I have it right, I have namespace PLUGIN_NAME; use \BP_Attachment; if ( class_exists( '\BP_Attachment', false ) ) ... – mrpritchett Oct 30 '18 at 12:57

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