I'm using the WP REST API v2 to try and search for all posts with the same title, what I'm trying to do is create a sort of head-to-head/previous meetings page for 2 teams.

At the moment i can retrieve a single post with a slug no problem


When i use a search it retrieves all the events with team1 and team2, but also all references to team1 & 2 from post content which is not what I want...


How do i retrieve a post using the search using the exact post title as shown below in title > rendered ??

  id    60455
  date  "2016-11-22T19:30:00"
  date_gmt  "2016-11-22T19:30:00"
  modified  "2016-11-23T09:25:29"
  modified_gmt  "2016-11-23T07:25:29"
  slug  "team1-vs-team2"
  status    "publish"
  type  "sp_event"
  link  ".../event/team1-vs-team2/"
      rendered  "Team1 vs Team2"

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