I just got my hands on a WordPress site and i'm trying to edit some words from a theme login template, so I went to cPanel to check how the theme templates handle the copy and I found the pt_PT.po with the words I was looking for.

After understanding a bit better how .po and .mo files work, I installed LOCO translations plugin to edit those files and I found the phrases I was looking for, edited and saved them.

I went back to cPanel and the .po file was changed with the copy I wanted, but there were no changes to the site, even after cleaning the cache. .mo file was also changed because had the same "last modified" timestamp.

I read in other answers that adding define('WPLANG', 'your_language'); to the wp-config.php would do the trick, but since this site already has the translations from English to Portuguese online it didn't make sense to me to add that line.

I'm I wrong and I still need to add it or is it something else?


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    In WordPress 4.0 and above, you should set your site's language via this page: Settings > General > Site Language and no need to define the WPLANG. – Sally CJ Oct 24 '18 at 0:04
  • There are dozens of possible causes. Provide a download link to the theme's source code and an example string you can't get to work. – Tim Oct 24 '18 at 11:16

i had a similar question posted some time ago: why is translation not working on theme?

it might be the solution to put your translation files into the right location (languages directory in wp-content/languages/themes/) and prefix them with the theme name like themename-pt_PT.po

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