I would like to replace few words in the content of the posts. For example.


Here is my test string. 
Which Need to Replace First Test word in the string.

Excepted String:

Here is my <a href="link"> test </a> string. 
Which Need to Replace First Test word in the string.

I have tried but there are few scenario where i have faced issues.

When that word has predefined link along with a word. Like

Here is my <a href="test case link"> test Case </a> string. 
Which Need to Replace First Test word in the string.

So my function exploded it in tow words like

Here is my <a href="link"> test </a> <a href="test case link"> Case </a> string.
Which Need to Replace First Test word in the string.

== My Solution ====

add_filter('the_content' , 'update_content');

function update_content($content){
            $termsList = array(
                 'test' => '<a href="test">test</a>'

            foreach($termsList as $word => $term_link){

                //$content = str_replace($word , $replacement , $content , $count);
                //Convert into Smaller Case
                $str_content = strtolower($content);
                $str_word = strtolower($word);

                //Get the position of the word
                $position = strpos($str_content, $str_word , 0); 
                //Get the Exact word with case sensitive 
                $match_string = substr ($content , $position , strlen($word) );

                //Prepare Replacement
                $replacement = '<a href="'.$term_link.'">'.$match_string.'</a>';

                    //Replace The word
                    $content = substr_replace($content, $replacement, $position, strlen($word));


        return $content;
  • What is your question? The solution you propose in your question seems to lead to a nested link, which will not work. – cjbj Oct 23 '18 at 11:04
  • I have set of words with their internal link. So what i want when blog content render that if any words match from the set of the words then first match word will replace with hyper link. – Ashish Jangra Oct 24 '18 at 5:20
  • I understand that. You are using the right filter and approach to do this. There seems to be a small coding error, but that's all. – cjbj Oct 24 '18 at 9:03
  • Yes that what i am not able to understand .. Here is my output $words_set = array('test'=> 'google.com'); $str = 'This is my test study. Read full test case'; After Using My Function: $str = 'This is my <a href="google.com">test</a> study. Read full test case'; BUT if the link is already exist in the string then my function didn't work properly i.e – Ashish Jangra Oct 24 '18 at 12:37

This is a fairly complex PHP (rather than WP) issue if you want to take into account all possibilities.

If you replace test with <a href="#">test</a> you will run into problems if the content already has <a href="?">test</a>, because the result will then be <a href="?"><a href="#">test</a></a>

So, before you do the replace you will need to see if test is already a link. This is not that simple, because you cannot simply scan for <a href="...">test</a>. After all, you may have something like <a href="...">this is my test, yeah!. Or test may be a substring of another word, like protesting. To prevent the latter being targeted you might check for test, but then you may miss test,.

Another thing to consider: if there already is a link around test, do you want to keep that one or replace it?

So, depending on you needs you will have to build a regular expression that does complex pattern recognition on your content to make sure it does exactly what you need. For help with regular expressions, try Stack Overflow.

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