For example. User "Mary" should be able to view to the private page "marys page" after logging in, "Tom" should be able to view the private page "toms page", etc

I created new users and am using the "user role editor" plugin to assign them to their own role. Each user will be able to see their own private page. I am using "peters login redirect" to redirect each user to their own private page.

My problem is that I cannot find a plugin that allows me to allow read access to the private page based on a users role. The only plugin I can find that does this is Wordpress Access Control but this plugin has been abandoned for many years.

Is there a plugin that does something similar or is there a simpler solution to this problem? Thanks

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You need either a membership plugin or a user management plugin, you can try these: https://wordpress.org/plugins/restrict-content/



This also can be handled pretty easily with a conditional PHP snippet.

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