I have no idea how coding works and wondered if someone can assist. I am busy setting up my website and i am using DIVI Theme,

I have been using a code i got online to display parent categories on certain pages, however, once i try this with subcategories, it does not work.

The code i have been using to display parent category is:

[product_categories number="127" parent="127"]

The subcategory ID is 128

I have tried these options and does not work:

[product_categories number="128" parent="128"] [product_categories number="127" parent="128"] [product_categories number="128" parent="127"]

  • What plugin is using the [product_categories] shortcode? Woocommerce? Something else? – socki03 Oct 15 at 19:38
  • I'd suggest you to understand what shortcodes really are [en.support.wordpress.com/shortcodes/] before all. In general, you cannot set random options into shortcodes, if they haven't been predefined "behind the scenes". Said that, the easiest way for you is to contact the support of DIVI and require direct assistance on that. – huraji Oct 15 at 19:39

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