I have a travel blog which I originally wrote in WordPress. Since then I've migrated it to a Jekyll site, then eventually a Hugo site which I published on Github Pages. Now I want to put it back on WordPress but seem to have misplaced any prior WordPress backup of it.

How can I get the site migrated back over to WordPress without manually importing each post one at a time? WordPress plugins for this are almost non-existent. Here are the things I have tried so far:

  • a plugin to import RSS - tried this with the existing Hugo index.xml - for some reason it only contains the last 15 posts
  • import html plugin - this got fairly close, but would require an insane amount of code/content cleanup on every post

I have the posts (around 150 of them) available in the following formats:

  • One markdown file per post, all in one folder - each file contains YAML front-matter
  • Individual html files per post, each named 'index.html' inside a folder with the post name. Example:
    • Blog Post 1/index.html
    • Blog Post 2/index.html

I'm working from linux as my desktop daily driver. I'll probably use some bash commands for file cleanup before importing, as needed. But I really want to find a way to programmatically migrate the site, automating as much as possible. I've Googled this a hundred ways, but still haven't found any pre-built solutions that weren't either 10 years old or made for a different scenario. Help!

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