I've recently scanned my website and some showcase websites with webhint.io* and noticed that they all do have a lot of hints in common.

To give a few examples:

'content-type' header charset value should be 'utf-8'

'content-type' header media type value should be 'text/javascript', not 'application/javascript'

'apple-touch-icon' link element was not specified.

I've asked myself if this might not even be due to the standard wordpress core setup? Can I improve the results without changing wordpress core to be more conform with the best practices?

*) daybreaker.com, sonymusic.com, franchiseholdingsinternational.com

For all those wo haven't heard of webhint yet: Webhints goal is to help web developers to write best possible code and clean up the web of bad practices. [from the FAQ]

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