I am building a form where a user can submit an article from the front end..

So far so good... To this form i am doing some submission check using javascript..

When i get to check if a category is choosen

This is the line the retrives categories in the form:

<?php wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_none=---------------->&taxonomy=category&hide_empty=0&name=cats[]&orderby=name&hierarchical=1'); ?>

I dont know how to check it.. what is the value being sent to wordpress? Also.. Can i change this:


into somthing i can translate using the regular tranlation method aka __() or _e()??

Thanks guys

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Ok... as thing go when your trying to solve somethimg you have no peace until its fixed so.. i went ahead and did some clear mind thinking (after a night sleep) and got that i can check the HTML for the values returen.

Just wanted to share incase anyone stumbles with the need for this info

This:<?php wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_none=---------------->&taxonomy=category&hide_empty=0&name=cats[]&orderby=name&hierarchical=1'); ?>

Returns a value of the category number for each select item which is easy to check.

Also.. about the translation part this is the right way to do that..

$choosecatmsg = __('Choose A Category', 'blue_article_demon');                      

Thanks for anyone who took a look while i was stuck :)

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