More specifically – I have multi-select taxonomy field A. When one or more values are selected in A, I want to restrict the choices available in taxonomy field B.

So for example:

Two Taxonomies called

country - "USA", "Russia", "China"

city - "Chicago", "Moscow", "Beijing"

I want when user in taxonomy "country" choose value "USA" after that in taxonomy "city" show only "chicago". Is it possible? And how can I do this?

is there wordpress plugin that does this?

  • I think it's difficult when you have two taxonomies, because how is the term USA related to the term Chicago? It's not. It's just 2 terms in two seperate taxonomies. A solution might be to have 1 taxonomy: top level terms are countries, 2nd level (child) terms are cities. – Michael Oct 2 '18 at 8:33

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