I have a multiple checkbox type question (using Ultimate member) storing values as user meta.

The question basically asks the user what he wants, and according to what he wants, I would like my homepage to show different contents. Multiple values are possible.

My code is :

$user_id = get_current_user_id();
$single = true;
$key = 'your_needs';
$needs = get_user_meta( $user_id, $key, $single ); 

if ( !empty($needs) ) : 

foreach ($besoins as besoin) :

if ( $need = "Option A") {



if ( $need = "Option B") {



if ( $need = "Option C") {



if ($need = "Option D") { 





This is only working halfway. It does return the correct template part, one after another, but regardless of whether or not is is checked. However I would like for my code to load the template part ONLY if current option is checked.

Also, keep in mind that I want the user to be able to check different options (ie. B and D -> loads template parts B and D)


Classic case of = instead of ==, ie. you're assigning values in a conditional statement, which always resolves to true:

if ( $need == "Option A") {


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