I have a bunch of blog posts that I need to update with a custom postmeta key/value pair. Therefore I have two questions - where can I find the postmeta entries in a worpdress MySQL database and how can I update all blog posts and add the following postmeta key value pair to them.


Post meta entries are in your wordpress database, in the wp_postmeta table.

I am just a newbie, not sure if this is right, but something I can think of that might help you in the right direction. Hope this helps.

function wordpress_custom_post_meta_bulk()
      $posts = get_posts(array('numberposts' => -1) );
      foreach($posts as $p) :  
         $meta += array('_key' => '';
                        '_value' => '';);
         update_post_meta($p->ID, 'meta',true);
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