I'm helping our local school setup a website/homepage and it's important to the principal to be able to review all page changes done by others.

Other users should be able to make tentative changes to already published pages. The principal would then look at the changes and click update if she agrees.

The default roles aren't even close to what we need.

I installed the User Role Editor plugin and it gets me closer, but not quite.

Turning off the "publish pages" means the user can't publish pages that aren't already published.

Turning off the "edit published pages" means the user can't do anything to pages we already have. Turning it on means they can make changes AND click the update button.

How can I make it such that the user can make a change and save it, but NOT have it go live?

An example of a page we have is "parents A-Z". Basically an FAQ. It will need to evolve over time.

Being a professional non-web software developer, I'm fairly tech savy, but dashboard clicking solutions are preferred over modifying code.

As an aside, I was a bit surprised that all of the schools' websites in our local district are independently hosted/administered (hence my involvement). I'm in Hessen, Germany. Is this common in other places/countries?

  • To your aside, no this is common in the UK for schools to manage their own website if they want to as well. You could do a custom plugin for this, remove the publish option for all non admins / super admins. Though WP has revisions built in by default and saving a draft will unpublish the page entirely. – Aravona Sep 25 '18 at 10:32

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