I'm currently experiencing a very strange issue which I can't find any reason to it.

I have a theme which is working fine on all servers. Now, I have one client who is having issues with it. The problem is that the function get_page_template_slug() returns the theme folder name.

Ex: theme/template-home.php

It should be just template-home.php without the theme folder name. How can this be?

Hope someone could help me out.

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I just checked what the function you called does and it just retrieves the _wp_page_template value from the wp_postmeta table of WordPress. So probably the structure of your theme is not right, some rewrites are active, or something else (e.g. plug-in) altered this database table.

You could check that the theme root directory is indeed the directory which you think it is.

Other things that could be happening are:

The filename of a Page's assigned custom template is stored as the value of a Custom Field with a key named '_wp_page_template' (in the wp_postmeta database table). If the template is stored in a Theme's subdirectory (or a Parent Theme's subdirectory of a Child Theme), the value of the wp_postmeta is both the folder and file names

Which I got from here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_page_template_slug

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