I have Boldy theme on a 3.2.1 instance of Wordpress.

I have installed the plugin WP-PostRatings.

I want it to show up on my individual posts when posts are viewed individually on a page.

  • I installed and activated the plugin.
  • I added
    if(function_exists('the_ratings')) { the_ratings(); } ?>
    within my single.php file, as shown in pastebin.

However, nothing is happening with my blog posts when viewed as single pages.

Have I put the code in the wrong place/file?

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few things you can check

  1. the code is within the loop
  2. the plugin is activated
  3. check plugin option page and select a rating type
  4. check page source code and see what is being generated.
  5. if all ok. your css is not blocking any rating star tag.
  6. de-activate, uninstall, delete and re-install the plugin
  • 1. yes, right under 2. yes 3. Done - tried others 4. No mention of ratings where id expect it (Above post title) 5. Do not think so... 6. Tried and same issue.
    – jakc
    Oct 20, 2011 at 10:47

ok some more thoughts. do you have

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

in your theme's footer.php

do you have any lightbox plugin installed?

deactivate all plugins except rating, then does it work?

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