This question was posted on Stack OverFlow first. Discovering this Stack for WP Devs, I'm posting here too. Sorry if I should not duplicate.

I'm trying to find a way to choose a date and display it into a Wordpress page. Simply put, that's the way this may operate:

  1. One or several pages are input a shortcode or a PHP code via PHP insert
  2. An operator/webmaster chooses a date from let's say a calendar or drop down
  3. This date (formatted) shows into the pages that have the shortcode/PHP code

I do not want automatic or current date which I can do with this plugin. Can anybody help achieve this with a plugin or a PHP snippet?

I'm not a developper. I just build websites using WP, themes, plugins and graphics. My only coding skill is to simply read or alter an existing html/php code. Can you help with an example I would try to understand and adapt please? Thanks for your time.

  • Do you want the creation date/publishing date displayed, or something else? – Pim Sep 20 at 0:34
  • Hello Pim, @Michael's answer above is working like a charm. It does the job by adding a new section in Setttings->Reading where I can use a date picker to display the desired date in any page using a shortcode. Now I just need to have the date formatted to french (21/09/2018) and I also want the new section to be in a top dashboard menu. I've tried to adapt Michael code but I stucked. Any help will be appreciated much. – Serge B. M'BRA Sep 20 at 9:21

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