I am trying to call a custom term meta field in an audio shortcode that I have placed on a custom page that I am working on. The field contains a link to a .mp3 file that I have uploaded to my media library. I have an IF statement that will only show the audio player along with the text "Audio", if the field actually contains a link to an audio file. However, Nothing is showing up on the front end, even though there is a link in the field.

I did a var_dump on the field, and it outputted:

string(95) "echo do_shortcode([audio src="http://www.foo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/audio.mp3"])"

Here is the code that I currently have in my functions.php:

function first_audio() {
                        $terms = get_the_terms($post->ID, 'firstb');
                        $result = "";
                        if (is_array($terms) || is_object($terms)){
                        foreach ($terms as $term) {
                            $term_id = $term->term_id;
                            $result .= 'echo do_shortcode([audio src="'.  get_term_meta($term_id, 'audioreco_64856', true)  .'"])';

                    if (!empty(get_term_meta($term_id, 'audioreco_64856', true))) {
                        return $result;}

And here is the code that I have on my page:

$first_audio = first_audio();
if (!empty($first_audio)) { ?>
<p><?php first_audio(); ?></p>
<?php }

I also tried echoing first_audio(); but that just echoed the whole link, just like the var_dump did.


Replace following line

 $result .= 'echo do_shortcode([audio src="'.  get_term_meta($term_id, 'audioreco_64856', true)  .'"])';


$result .=  do_shortcode('[audio src="'.  get_term_meta($term_id, 'audioreco_64856', true)  .'"]');

Echo the result of function

<p><?php echo first_audio(); ?></p>
  • Worked like a charm. Thanks! I tried that earlier, but I guess I messed up with the quotation marks... – Darren Sep 17 '18 at 17:00
  • One more question, If I would like to put something like this in front of do_shortcode , how would I write it? <p>get_term_meta($term_id, 'short_27939', true)</p><br> – Darren Sep 17 '18 at 17:14
  • add $result .= "<p>".get_term_meta($term_id, 'short_27939', true)."</p>"; above shortcode – Aparna_29 Sep 18 '18 at 10:59
  • Thanks! I noticed that if there are 2 taxonomies saved to the post, but only one of them has a link to an audio file, the audio player doesn't show up. Only id=f they both have audio files does it show up. Any idea why? – Darren Sep 18 '18 at 18:00

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