I regularly need to create a batch of posts of a custom post type, with names and meta values that follow a regular pattern. This seems like a perfect canditate for using wp-cli, but so far it hasn't worked.

Using wp-cli, if I enter:

wp post create --post_title='test' --post_status='draft' post_type='class_notes'

I get an error:

Unable to read content from 'post_type=class_notes'.

However wp-cli is definitely able to connect to this post type, as the following returns a proper list of labels and capabilities:

wp post-type get 'class_notes'

Is it the case that I simply cannot create a post with a custom post type using wp-cli?


It should probably be

wp post create --post_title='test' --post_status='draft' --post_type='class_notes'

(note the two -- that mark it as a command option)

  • Ah, you got it. Thanks so much. My face is a little red now. – Kit Johnson Sep 17 '18 at 4:07

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