Actually I needs to change the structure of my urls for the custom post type ( I also want to customise taxonomy url but only targeting post for this question to avoid confusion)

My custom post type is Property having slug properties and it have a taxonomy 'Property Category' having slug property_category


Currently the structure of custom post type is as follow: https://domain.com/properties/postname

For custom post type I want to include categories and sub categories in the url and remove properties slug like https://domain.com/property_category/property_sub_category/**/postname

By using the plugin (Custom Post Type Permalinks) I am able to get this url https://domain.com/properties/property_category/property_sub_category/**/postname

As you see that my above url have properties in it and I have to remove it so everything is working fine till here for me.

After that, I have removed the properties from url and add function to check my property custom post type along with posts and pages so my url becomes https://domain.com/property_category/sub_category/**/postname but it breaks means giving me 404.

This url is working but I didn't need this one https://domain.com/property_postname

I believes that Wordpress ReWrite API can solve this problem but unable to figure out the actual solution for it.

Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

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The problems that I face is already described in detail. As I guess that wordpress rewrite api can solve this problem so I have found that solution. I only have two main category for my posts so I map those to my properties because as I am removing custom_post_type name from url so there should be something to identify and map the url.

 * Rewriting url
function mak_rewrite_add_rewrites()

    // Mapping Property

add_action('init', 'mak_rewrite_add_rewrites');

$matches[2] represents to get value from second parenthesis in regular expression.

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