I want to get entire HTML source of a post page of WordPress for that scraping meta-keywords from the HTML.(then want to use the keywords as Twitter hashtags.)

I think up to use callback like the following PHP script but It mistaken idea.

function callback($buffer) {

  // scraping meta and var_dump it
    $meta_tags = getMetaTags($buffer);
    echo var_dump($meta_tags) ; // Not outputed, also not to get value as well

    return $buffer ;


How do you solve it?


The typical way to get "the entire page worth of HTML" is to use the template_redirect hook, it's often used for "run-time find & replace" methods. If I ever need to use it, I just use it in an Anonymous Function.

add_action( 'template_redirect', function(){
    ob_start( function( $buffer ){
        // Do whatever to $buffer - it contains the entire page's HTML output

        return $buffer;

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