We have built a website for a client, who uses multi-site for its franchisee websites.

We are now building a Woocommerce store on the main site, it is going to be a private Woocommerce store which just the franchisees will have access too.

It is so the franchisee companies can buy there stock from the main hub.

My question is this....

At the moment each franchisee has a username and password for there network site, so they can edit etc.

Is it possible for that username and password to be there login details for the Woocommerce Store on the main hub site, so that they don't need to login to their own site and then login again on the store site when they need to buy more stock?

We are hoping to put a link to the store in each network sites dashboard, It would be great if it is at all possible to be able to then be logged into the main hub Woocommerce store.

With it being multisite is it possible that they will already be logged in when visiting the main hub site?

Any help would be appreciated.


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