Since I need to have 100% test coverage for the client, I'm writing integration and unit tests in my plugin. And I have a method in a class that is hooked to admin_menu hook, which adds submenu.

Apart from the thing that it's absolutely stupid to test this imo (if it doesn't work I won't see the submenu anyways), I wrote a test like this

 * Class Users submenu test
 * @package My_Plugin\Tests

use My_Plugin\Users\Menu;

 * Class that tests users menu functionality.
class Add_Submenu_Integration_Tests extends WP_UnitTestCase {
   * Initial set up for the test
  public function setUp() {

    \wp_set_current_user( self::factory()->user->create( [
        'role' => 'administrator',
    ] ) );

    \update_option( 'siteurl', 'http://example.com' );

   * Tear down after test ends
  public function tearDown() {

  public function test_user_import_submenu() {
    $user_import = new Menu();

    $this->assertTrue( function_exists( 'add_submenu_page' ) );


The class Menu has the method

public function add_user_import_submenu() : void {
    esc_html__( 'Test submenu', 'my-plugin' ),
    esc_html__( 'Test submenu', 'my-plugin' ),
    [ $this, 'submenu_view' ]

Now, my test passes and the coverage is green, but I feel like I'm cheating xD

I tried to test using global $submenu but $submenu was empty.

Is this ok to do?


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