On a Ubuntu VPS, if my understanding is correct, all the relevant information for wordpress sites (multiple) reside in directory


Thus, as a sane backup practice, a compressed archive of each directory, subsequently scp'ed to another location would allow recovery by:

  • launching a new VPS instance
  • configuring the DNS mapping, web server, installing WP et al, as per a fresh installation
  • restoring the directory of the wp_app

Is there any gap or pitfall in this approach?
note: it is a goal to avoid additional plug-ins that would cover some of these functions

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    You've left out the database from your recovery steps. All WordPress content is stored in a MySQL database. – Jacob Peattie Sep 11 at 12:23
  • This is not really specific to WordPress, is it? You're asking for a best practice backup strategy for any web software - and the answer will probably be: don't, but use staging and live environments instead – kero Sep 11 at 12:23
  • I will agree with kero. As it is right now there is no wordpress specific aspect to this question and it is very broad without having some limitations. Best way to backup based on the question as it is now, is to use your hosting's backup – Mark Kaplun Sep 11 at 14:04

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