WordPress has a built in feature that assigns the class “current-menu-item” to the current navigation item.

Nevertheless, that feature only works for contextual menus; and not for the ones inside the post content.

You can see in this page that the first level parent item OBRAS is highlighted, but not the third level child GRÁFIKA located left in the inner page menu.

Looking for a method to accomplish this highlight feature in the inner menu.


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I asked this question based on 2 facts:

– The menu is created by WordPress.

– The plugin; all it does is generate a shortcut to insert the menu inside the post.

So the question is not Theme related, and not plugin related. It´s WordPress related.

Nevertheless, I asked the Theme developer and the Plugin developer, without response.

In addition, no answer from WordPress.Org Forum. All they say is “ask the theme or plugin developer”.

Therefore, once I found a solution, not the ideal one but at least one that will allow the highlight effect without any core modification, I felt I had to post it here:

I used Wordpress Add Custom CSS plugin to add css per each page.

Then I added the individual code for the first inner menu item and it worked:

li#menu-item-981 a {    
    color: #FEBF46 !important;
    font-weight: bold !important;
    text-shadow: 1px 0 #FEBF46;

And that was it; not an ideal automatic solution, but a simple and clean one.

Thanks for your attention.

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