I am working on a mp3 wordress website. Currently I am uploading mp3 files using filezilla. After uploading I copy their url one by one and paste them in playlist post, then I need to edit mp3 title by myself. Basically I am building a huge mp3 library. And dont wanna do it all day. I just wanna know is there a way in which I can only upload folder using filezilla and give the uploaded folder url, and it automatically create playlist using ID3 tags info?

I am using soundrise WordPress theme. So, Is there any plugin or script that I can use to automate this thing

  • Since you're using a premium theme, you would need to contact the theme authors to determine whether any automation is possible. Typically though in WordPress you do not just FTP files up. You usually must use the Media Library (or media modal in a post) because that not only puts the file on the server, it also creates a database record so WP knows the URL and other details about the file. – WebElaine Sep 10 '18 at 20:30

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