I'm building a wordpress website based on the theme "Bulk Shop".

Most of the content will be added as "post" and will be categorized into "next show", "last show", "music", "videos", etc.




Here are all posts collected (post page): https://boba-music.com/news/

My problem is, only title, text and the "read more" is shown on the category post pages, but pictures, soundcloud audio, youtube videos are not shown. Only if I click on read more.

I want to show the full content, e.g. all content until I add the "read more tag".

What do I do wrong or what do I need to change to see all the content?


You can either choose a theme that already shows full posts on Categories by default, or you can create a child theme:

  1. Create a new folder under /wp-content/themes/ - the name is up to you, but for simplicity's sake, you may just want to call it themename-child. So if you're using the "twentysixteen" theme, call your folder twentysixteen-child.

  2. Create a file called style.css in your folder. It will just need a couple of comments so WP recognizes your child theme, no actual styles are needed. You can name it anything you like (again, I suggest calling it a child so it's obvious) - the only requirement is "template" has to be the parent theme's folder. So for "twentysixteen":

/* Theme Name: WPSE custom child theme Template: twentysixteen */

  1. Look through the theme files to find the archive. Most themes have a file called category.php but if that doesn't exist you may need archive.php. You are looking for a call to the_excerpt() which, if it is not in category.php or archive.php, may be in a template part such as archive-content.php - that would be called as get_template_part() inside of archive.php or content.php. Once you identify which one controls your categories - which you can find by replacing the_excerpt() with the_content() temporarily - copy that whole file into your child theme. Then, wherever inside that file there is a call to the_excerpt() just replace that with the_content() to display the full content instead of an excerpt. Make sure to change the parent theme file back - you don't want to edit parent theme files directly, as when they update, your changes are overwritten. By making all of your changes through a child theme, your changes will remain in effect.
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  • Thank you so much Elaine! You just teached me to do my very first child theme, that's so awesome! :D Everything worked out, see on www.boba-music.com I'm so thankful for your help! <3 Stef – Stef Meier Sep 12 '18 at 19:29

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