i'm trying to replace the custom yoast og:image in a specific post type to use a custom meta field instead of the featured image. What i got so far is:

function my_wpseo_opengraph() {
global $post;
if (is_singular('job_listing')) {
    $og_image = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'pp_job_header_bg', TRUE); 
    if ( ! empty ( $og_image ) ) {


add_action('wpseo_opengraph', 'my_wpseo_opengraph', 29);

However, while viewing the source code, it seems that the code won't replace the default og:image, it adds a second og:image.

How do i replace it?


This happens because add_action do not override previos actions, just "adds" to them. You will most likely need to search in the plugin's code to find how it hooks its own og:image output. If it is not hardcoded but uses the same action, you will just need to call remove_action with the same parameters as those it was registers with.

The gotcha is that you have to do it at a point in the execution flow which is after the plugin had already before the action is "run" (duh). IIRC the code below should work for that (but I personally dislike doing things this way, as essentially you are modifying a list while iterating it which is not the most robust idea even if it works)

add_action('wpseo_opengraph', function () { remove_action('wpseo_opengraph'...) }, 0);
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