I just install a new theme in my WordPress site but im having a problem.

I can't access my page anymore. Even the WordPress dashboard.

The error message:

Fatal error: Cannot use isset() on the result of an expression 
(you can use "null !== expression" instead) in 
on line 50
  • This isn't a problem or challenge with WordPress itself, but rather an issue arising from third-party code (you can tell from the error message as it lists a file in a theme directory as the error's origin). You should contact your theme's author, since they will likely know more about their code than any of us :) – bosco Sep 11 '18 at 22:07

I cant acess my page anymore. Even the wordpress dashboard.

You have two options of varying technical difficulty.

Option 1 - Move the theme folder to access /wp-admin/

  1. Log in to your site's FTP service or control panel's File Manager
  2. Navigate to /home1/wavecont/public_html/wp-content/themes/
  3. Rename sshops to sshops-moved
  4. WordPress will automatically stop using the theme's files so you can access your site
  5. Submit a bug report with the theme provider

Option 2 - Fix it yourself

Same steps as above + open /inc/wc-functions.php file and change line 50 to use a strict comparison with null (and then fix any other errors preventing your site from working).

Recommendation Never install untested themes or plugins on a live site - set up a local site on your computer for testing themes and plugins before making changes on your live site (this would give you an easily-managed environment for testing and ensure that your live site never goes down as a result of a bad theme or plugin).

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