I'm a newbie to WordPress core and development process. As I have a little knowledge of WordPress functions. But I need the help from you guys.

Actually, i'm developing my first theme and i already have the CSS for my menu. The menu has been registered in functions.php.

I've used the code posted below to add my class "mainnav-section".

              $args = [
                'theme_location' => 'header-menu',
                'container'      => 'ul',
                'container_class'=> '',
                'menu_class'     => 'mainnav-section'

And it executed this.

<ul id="menu-header" class="mainnav-section">
    <li id="menu-item-511" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom menu-item-has-children menu-item-511">
        <a href="http://#">Latest</a>
        <ul class="sub-menu">
            <li id="menu-item-512" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom menu-item-512">
                <a href="http://#">HardFork</a>
    <li id="menu-item-513" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom menu-item-513">
        <a href="http://#">Innovations</a>

All I want to to do is to add my CSS class to main-menu items, sub-menu and list items. Because I have the CSS and JS completed to get the desired menu.

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    You have to customize the Walker_Nav_Menu
    – benny-ben
    Commented Sep 8, 2018 at 21:17
  • What are the classes you need to add and where?
    – benny-ben
    Commented Sep 8, 2018 at 21:20

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The below will add a class called class-here to all menu items:

 * Filters the CSS class(es) applied to a menu item's list item element.
 * @param array    $classes The CSS classes that are applied to the menu item's `<li>` element.
 * @param WP_Post  $item    The current menu item.
 * @param stdClass $args    An object of wp_nav_menu() arguments.
 * @param int      $depth   Depth of menu item. Used for padding.
 * @return Array $classes
function theme_prefix_nav_menu_css_class( $classes, $item, $args, $dpeth ) {

    $classes[] = 'class-here';

    return $classes;

add_filter( 'nav_menu_css_class', 'theme_prefix_nav_menu_css_class', 10, 4 );

You could add this to your themes functions.php file. There's a bunch of other hooks when the WordPress WP Nav Walker creates the menus - Check out The Code Reference

  • @howdy-mcgee i want to add the class to mainmenu item submenu and its items. <br> <li class="mainmenu item"> Google</li> <ul class=sub-menu> <li>Google sub-menu item1</li> <li>Google sub-menu item2</li> <li>Google sub-menu item3</li> </ul>
    – tassawarr
    Commented Sep 10, 2018 at 12:25
  • 1
    @tassawarr The above code will add the class to all mainmenu items and all submenu items - Your comment has the classes incrementing which isn't in your original question, is that just an example or are you specifically looking for an incrementing class?
    – Howdy_McGee
    Commented Sep 10, 2018 at 14:18

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