So I have a post with img src in it, after which goes the "more" tag. Something like this:

<img src= http://images.com/images/image.jpg>
more text

Notice the space after "img src= ". So this code is displaying just fine in the single page, but on the main page of my site, when the_content() function is automatically generating excerpt up to "--more--" tag, it for some reason inserts "/" just after image url. So it looks like this:

<img src= http://images.com/images/image.jpg/>

And this DOES NOT work, it behaves like broken image. For now I can't define images in HTML differently. (I know, that no space and quotes would be nice. Alas.)

Where can I fix this - I mean, tell the_content() not to insert "/" ?

  • Why aren't you using quotes around the src attribute? – Jacob Peattie Sep 4 '18 at 16:16

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