I have a problem where, on a new install of WordPress, I want to add a new user, but the user is not receiving the email with the confirmation link.

I've done some research and understand that this can be due to various factors, but before I start hassling my host's technical support, I wanted to know whether there's some obvious reason this would be happening in my situation.

Specifically, my WordPress site is installed at subdomain site.example.com, while my admin email address is example@example.com. My host is also not handling the email for this domain, since I have my MX records at the registrar pointed to G-Suite. If one of these is indeed the cause, is there an easy way to fix it?

I've tried to do some searches, but couldn't get search results to come up with exactly what I wanted, and some of the sort-of-related info was over my head (I'm kind of new to dealing with a web host, and very new to WordPress).


  • by default wp is sending out mails via php mail() function. this could be blocked and/or is often identified as spam and block on the other end. so try to setup a smtp connection to a mailserver and send mails with that. i made good experiences with postman – honk31 Sep 3 '18 at 14:31

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