I have a Wordpress site with a paid theme but I seem to have a problem with the blog posts. When I create a blogpost, the blog post title and read more links appears in the blog menu item I have. But when the link is clicked, the website goes to home page instead of the blog post. What could be the issue? Any idea where to start trouble shooting?

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    You should ask the theme developers, even more, if it's a paid theme. – Castiblanco Sep 2 '18 at 14:14
  1. Delete you .htaccess file in root
  2. Reset your permalink structure
  3. If have access to the theme file make sure your blog title link refers to the_permalink() as destination.
  4. you might have open anchor tag from the logo which developer forgot to close.See page source or inspect it.
  5. Share the code in your loop.

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