I want to add 2 posts daily, so when the first post is published it should not be published unless and until the 2nd post is published. I am confused on how to do this.

I have searched about wp_publish_post() function but this will not help, is there any way to do this ?

I know there is no code or anything, because I am confused and did not find anything regarding this. I only need some help on how to start, rest I can do.

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Setup cron job

You want to do some action (i.e. publishing a post) periodically, so first you need to schedule a cron job. Cron jobs are actions, that are fired periodically at some sort of a time interval.

You can either use (non-perfect) Wordpress Cron or replace it with a real cron job on your hosting.

In cron action, publish one of the post with status draft

Inside the cron job, you can query for 1 post with the post_status === 'draft'. If one is found, change its post_status to publish with wp_update_post.

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