I'm creating subscription programmatically, everything is working except when I want to use update_dates on the created subscription, this error happens : in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-subscriptions/includes/class-wcs-action-scheduler.php on line 30

The date is updated but I think I miss something and didn't find it ...

Here is how i've created the subscription (without an order I don't want one) :

$current_time = gmdate("Y-m-d H:i:s");
$sub_args = array( 
                'order_id' => null,
                'start_date' => $current_time,
                'billing_period' => 'year', 
                'billing_interval' => '1',
                'customer_id' => get_current_user_id(), 
                'status' => 'on-hold' );
$sub_created = wcs_create_subscription( $sub_args );
$sub_created->add_product( $sub_product_obj );
$sub_created->apply_coupon( $coupon_obj );
$update_dates['end'] = $next_day;

At this point no error

This is what causes the error : $sub_created->update_dates( $update_dates );

I tried to understand the process using by WC-Subscription and find that : Error came from that : $this->get_date_types_to_schedule() it returns null instead of an array

protected function get_date_types_to_schedule() {
        return $this->date_types_to_schedule;

date_types_to_schedule is poulated by that :

Construct of WCS_Scheduler : add_action( 'init', array( $this, 'set_date_types_to_schedule' ) );

public function set_date_types_to_schedule() {
        $this->date_types_to_schedule = apply_filters( 'woocommerce_subscriptions_date_types_to_schedule', array_keys( wcs_get_subscription_date_types() ) );

        if ( isset( $this->date_types_to_schedule['start'] ) ) {
            unset( $this->date_types_to_schedule['start'] );

        if ( isset( $this->date_types_to_schedule['last_payment'] ) ) {
            unset( $this->date_types_to_schedule['last_payment'] );

At the end of wcs_get_subscription_date_types $this->get_date_types_to_schedule() is an array ...

and I'm lost after that if someone can give an advice !

EDIT : so the way I'm updating the dates is correct, I put my code inside the method used by the backend to update a subscription and it's working without any error, I thought it was my subscription object who was not correct but even on an already created subscription same error ...

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