I created a taxonomy called animal and a term meta field called horse.

I created a function in my functios.php file to make it easier to display the data.

Here is my code:

function regular_info_page() {
                $terms = get_the_terms($post->ID, 'animal');
                $result = "";
                if (is_array($terms) || is_object($terms)){
                foreach ($terms as $term) {
                    $term_id = $term->term_id;
                    $result .= get_term_meta( $term_id, 
'horse', true );
                return $result;

The meta field horse holds a link, and I would like to display the link on my page, but instead of it opening the link, it just reloads the current page.

Here is the code I placed on the page:

<p><a href="<?php regular_info_page(); ?>">For more info on this Bracha, click here.</a></p>

Any ideas?

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You’re not echoing the result, it’s just returning which isn’t output to the page. You should be able to change return $result; into echo $result; and have it display.

Just be aware that as you have your code now, it’s not going to return or echo a proper link.

My guess is you could use something like is found at the link below to do what you need.



@ericb For some reason I can't add a comment, but to me it looks like he put the function code (return $result) in his functions.php file, and not on the page, so there is no reason for him to change it to echo $result. If anything the echo should be in the second piece of code he posted, but it should still display on the page without the echo. Just my 2 cents.

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