I would like to display a Login / logout link above menu as my theme doesn't have this feature.

Login/Register at right top corner and same it should show in mobile version as well.

I am using subscribe pro theme by HAPPYTHEMES. You can check the demo version here: https://www.happythemes.com/demo/?theme=subscribe-pro

  • Create the child theme and use wp_loginout() function in the corresponding place. – Max Yudin Aug 25 '18 at 14:55

If your theme adheres to WordPress standards the menu is generated with a call to wp_nav_menu. This function has a filter that allows you to modify the html. Like this:

add_filter ('wp_nav_menu', 'wpse312466_add_loginlink'); 
function wpse312466_add_loginlink ($nav_menu, $args) {
  $nav_menu = '<div id="loglink"><a href="/link/to/loginpage">Login here</a></div>' . $nav_link
  return $nav_menu

Now it depends on your css skills to get that link in the place where you want it to be.

The obvious place to stick this code is in a child theme, but you could also make it into a plugin.

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