On my tag.php page, I want to show posts with multiple tags...

I have something like this:


$tags = get_queried_object()->slug; //returns only 'tag1' !!

$args = array( 
    'tag' => $tags //need to get 'tag1+tag2+tag3' here

$loop = new WP_Query($args);

Is there any other way how to show posts with multiple tags?

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get_query_var( 'tag' ) will return you 'tag1+tag2+tag3' string.

get_query_var( 'tag_slug__and' ) will return you the array of tags.

So, there are two ways to achieve the goal:

$args = array( 
    'tag' => get_query_var( 'tag' ), // string


$args = array( 
    'tag__and' => get_query_var( 'tag_slug__and' ), // array

It remains to be seen how do you plan to create tag1+tag2+tag3 slug.

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