I have two WordPress sites with the same database structure (same prefix, number of tables etc.).

Now I want to merge all data from the two databases to make it one single database. How can I do that?

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    Working with the database tables directly is a bad idea. Recommend using a WP importer to properly add the new content from site 2 to site 1. – jdm2112 Aug 24 '18 at 16:06
  • Thanks. I have used that solution. But not working correctly with my case. – Thu Linh Nguyen Aug 24 '18 at 16:37
  • Hi @ThuLinhNguyen: welcome to WPSE. Your question can be seen from 2 different perspectives: (1) it's a generic database merge question, in which we'll have to consider all possible scenarios, e.g. different themes, plugins, page builders etc. This is too broad & hence not answerable in the format supported here. (2) it is very specific to your case, which is not useful for others & may require access to your database to solve properly. This is also not answerable here, as it is too localized. So best if you employ an expert to do the job for you. – Fayaz Aug 24 '18 at 19:24
  • There is a new plugin : Versionpress stackoverflow.com/a/55243047/4217721 – Ayed Mohamed Amine Mar 19 '19 at 14:24

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