I'm working in a project that needs to use post_formats.

First of all, is there any way of create a new post format? The only thing I've found was to overwrite an existing one.

In addition, they're using 4 different post formats. So I need to display 4 archives based in those 4 post formats. I found a way of displaying the archives like this : mysite.com/type/post_format

But it doesn't work for standard post_format -

For customizing those archives, is there any attribute that i could use in the conditional tag is_archive? like is_archive(post_format)?

I know this implementation is a little outdated and that if I use a system of tags and categories would be easier.

Would you recommend instead, create 3 different post types for this?

And if I do this, is there a way to display all the results of all post types into a one archive? and then each post type should have a specific archive.

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No, you cannot define your own post formats. This is on purpose. The post formats are supposed to be standards, so theme developers can include styles for them. That wouldn't work if people start making their own formats.

Essentially post formats are just a custom taxonomy added to posts. So testing for post format archive pages follow that route. Like this: is_tax ('post_format', 'post-format-aside')

If you want more flexibility you could define your own custom taxonomy. You could even call it 'post formats' if you want to.

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